Sugar Swaps

Hello Sweetie. What’s happening Sweet Tooth? What up Cravings?

OK, so you did it all.

  • Super well-rested—Check.
  • Drank your  Green Juice—Check.
  • Ate your kale salad with avocado on top—Check.
  • Drank so much water—Check.

And yet, you have been hit with the 4 pm slump and still craving that sugary sweet treat you have been thinking about eating all day. Yes, it happens. In this scenario, celery sticks with peanut butter won’t do. Yes, I get that. And I also have the good news that they don’t have to. Because I’ve got the goods of your favourite indulgence in a much healthier package. We know that whole grain, high-protein, plant-based foods fuel us and help us feel our best. We also know that refined sugars, saturated fats and white flours hold us back. Here are a couple sweet, yet simple alternatives that leave the empty behind and replace them with ingredients that fuel a healthy body. Feeling better is just a swap away. 


Sugar Craving #1 : Chocolate Chip Cookies

Instead of biting into a chocolate chip cookie, make a batch of gluten-free protein rich brownies.
Black beans will give you the protein and fiber hit you need to keep you grounded till dinner.


Sugar Craving #2 : Peanut Butter Cups 

Instead of reaching for the peanut butter cups, grab a peanut butter coconut cluster.
With just a couple of ingredients (almonds, peanut butter, coconut oil and cacao) these vegan gluten-free bites are a much healthier, more wholesome version of a guilty-pleasure candy.


Sugar Craving #3 : Ice-Cream

Instead of scooping out an ice cream sundae, churn your own Reece’s Ice-cream
Overripe, frozen bananas form the base of this frosty favourite, making it a vast improvement over the cream-based classic. The added peanut butter gives it a protein kick and raw cacao powder bumps up its antioxidant power.


Sugar Craving #4 : Chocolates

Instead of tearing into a box of chocolates, try these high fat (healthy fat, hello good fat) homemade raw cocoa bliss balls.
Loaded in brain feel good booster magnesium and antioxidants, all you need is this one bite treat to satiate that sweet tooth.


Sugar Craving #5 : Sweet & Salty

Got that sweet and salty hankering? Instead of unwrapping that salted caramel, mix up this salted caramel protein smoothie. No oven required to enjoy this protein-packed sweet sipper.

So now that you are armed with your healthy sweet treats, make the switch from refined foods to unrefined, more nutrient dense foods that fuel. Once you do, you wont look back. I promise you … the more you eat well, the more you want to eat well. It’s addictive!