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A to B is a nutrition methodology developed by certified holistic nutritionist, Alyssa Bauman. Fascinated by how food effects the body, and the body’s marvelous ability to heal and care for itself when fueled properly, Alyssa is dedicated to helping people learn healthy nutrition habits that set them up for a lifetime of wellness.


Make Healthy Your Habit

Everyone’s journey is different which is why with A to B there are options to support you in creating new healthy habits to reset your relationship with yourself. Our offerings provide a way to reboot and build new habits, consistent hits of motivation to keep it fresh and inspiring, and personalized sessions for direct one-to-one nutrition coaching.

The Guarantee

With the A to B method you will create a new relationship with yourself and enjoy a new freedom around food and your health.

Listen to your body with a sense of mindfulness.

Trust your body’s cues and the signals it gives.

Know what to eat to fuel and Nourish yourself.

Feel overall lighter in body, mind and spirit.

Small decisions lead to big transformation.

Give the gift of wellbeing this year

Shop the Holiday gift card collection and support your loved ones with their wellness for 2023 . It is the ultimate gift and the one that never stops giving. Designed to reach all levels of health, the offers are guaranteed to make healthy their habit. 

Now that is the gift everyone not only needs but, WANTS.

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