Valentine’s Day Menu Plan (Printable Menu Planner)

It’s the season of love, learn my top tips for celebrating love with easy tips and a special (and healthy) valentine’s day menu plan for date night at home or a family celebration.

Whether it’s loving your spouse, your friends (including furry friends), or your partner they all deserve to feel special. I believe the best way to show it is to give them the gift of health! Learn how I can work with you or your special someone to make lasting healthy eating habits. Whether you need quick monthly reminders to maintain a consistent healthy lifestyle, one on one focused nutrition coaching or a customized meal plan to help you reset your health goals, I’m your gal!


Tips for a Healthy (and Spicy) Valentine’s Day


Love Thyself First

Loving yourself should always come first before sharing it with another loved one. Be that with your gal pal for a happy Galentine’s Day or a date night at home with your special someone for Valentine’s day. 

Check out here why it’s so important to love yourself first before anything else and how to boost your mood with these foods.

Boost that Libido Naturally 


Watch this short video on how to boost your libido naturally to spice up any date night at home for valentine’s day. Make sparks fly naturally with these foods for your next valentine’s day menu. Check out my free Valentine’s menu planner below!

Create a Fun and Healthy Valentine’s Day Menu Plan

You might be wondering how to include the family in a family-friendly valentine’s day. Or struggling to come up with healthy date night food ideas for spicing up valentine’s day without overloading on calories and feeling lazy. The last thing we want is to get an energy crash after having a romantic dinner date. Keep the sparks flying longer with these essential ingredients.


Pantry Essentials for a Valentine’s Day Menu Plan


Maca Root 

Skip this ingredient for kid-friendly treats, our all-time favourite for Valentine’s Day is Luv Krispy treats. Maca root is a natural libido enhancer and energy boost without chugging coffee to prevent dehydrating your skin and look your best for date night!


Raw Cacao

Raw Cacao powder is a powerhouse full of antioxidants that’s basically a natural mood booster. No, I don’t mean going for a chocolate run to the grocery store, learn why Raw Cacao powder is so amazing compared to generic cacao powder which makes up the bulk of store-bought chocolate bars and how to choose the best cacao powder. Make your own chocolate goodies included in this delicious valentine’s menu!


Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is rich, creamy, exotic and to me, the ultimate in luxury. It’s heart-healthy, immune-boosting and perfect for glowing skin! Learn my top 10 concoctions for a miracle in a jar. 

Grab my Free

Valentine’s Day Menu Plan!

Download my healthy Valentine’s Day Menu Plan (clickable links to each recipe) with all the tips mentioned above and your very own Valentine’s Day Menu Planner. Pick and plan your favourites for a healthy date night at home or a family affair. These date night food ideas are full of libido-enhancing and glowing skin foods to make sparks fly!​

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