Do you know that 60% of our glorious bodies are made up of water? So keeping hydrated is essential especially now when temperatures are cooking. Dehydration can present itself in so many other ways aside from thirst. Headaches, irritability, fluctuating moods, lack of focus, depression, anxiety, exhaustion and even anger are some very common bybroducts of dehydration. So focussing on hydration is key to having a healthy, HAPPY summer. Whether you’re spending long days at the beach, travelling nonstop or grilling on your back patio, summer brings lots of fun and food.

Ironically many of the typical summer foods and treats can leave us feeling dehydrated. In fact, many of my clients find that despite the great weather and being active outside, summer is their hardest time to keep their glow on.

Ice cream, hamburgers on a bun, frozen margaritas, chips and guacamole, pizza on the boardwalk—The list is deliciously long. And so are the added salts, fats, chemicals and sugars. All factors that may feed your soul and also cause dehydration.

For the remainder of summer, focus on foods and drinks that will cool you down and help detoxify your body naturally. These foods will naturally keep you hydrated. Fresh, seasonal produce kill the cravings for heavy, weighty foods. And you’ll naturally get rid of the puff and bloat. There’s a reason we have all that fresh fruit right now. Keep your fridge and fruit bowl stocked with summers bounty.

Here’s a list of my cooling and hydrating favourites and some healthier alternatives to your favourite summer drinks + treats. 

 1) Fruit infused water

Infuse your water with fruits that add natural electrolytes, perfect for after sun and sports recovery. Your cells are craving hydration right now, so make it delicious.

HOW: Use an extra-large mason jar, add fruits, veggies, herbs and infuse the water. Check out this entire list of 15 infused water recipes including detox water.

 2) Cucumber+Celery

These cooling and nutritious veggies are a summer favourite because of their natural moisturizing properties and hydrating benefits. Crunchy celery is 96% water, but it also provides a combination of mineral salts, amino acids and vitamins that research shows may hydrate your body twice as effectively as a glass of water. Infuse cucumber into your water or use the veggies as the perfect landing for dips and sauces.  

HOW: Cut the cukes like chips and the celery like sticks.

3) Watermelon

The hot pink beauty of summertime, fresh watermelon is the perfect treat. Naturally sweet, watermelon is over 90% water, essential rehydration salts calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium which makes it light and hydrating too. Each bite is packed with vitamins A,lypocene, B6, and C, so this childhood favourite needs to be front + center at the adult table too.

HOW: Sliced, grilled, juiced, mixed with mint and feta. You name it.

4) Leafy greens 

You probably eat more salads during the summer months, as your body naturally craves raw, fresh vegetables to cool you down. That’s a good thing. Eating greens is pretty much the best thing you can put in your body. Arugula, watercress, bibb, baby kale, dandelion, spinach and more.. enjoy it all in a smoothie, juice, or on a plate. Here are some ideas on how to get your greens on.

HOW: How not to? Add greens into EVERY MEAL. Watch your skin brighten and your life overall heighten. Green juice, salads, dips

 5) Berries

Super sweet and super hydrating. Strawberries are 92% water, blueberries and raspberries too. All packed with fiber and electrolytes to keep you hydrated without drinking water. 

HOW: Plate of Berries, divine gluten free muffins, frozen smoothies—here’s a fav.

6) Frozen Treats

 Instead of loading up on sugar and dairy which will not only make you more thirsty, but also full and bloated, this ‘ice cream’ is a potassium blast (banana) and an anti-oxidant and iron burst (thank you raw cacao).  

HOW:  Reece’s ice cream is hands down my favourite summer treat.

7) Pineapple

High in vitamin C and digestive enzyme, Bromelain, this tropical fruit is the sweetest fruit around, I’ll take a wedge of pineapple over a cup of ice cream any day. 

HOW:  This is possibly the healthiest, easiest and yummiest pina colada you will ever taste. Please give this a whirl and let me know how you are digging it. Obviously, rum is optional. Nourished Pina colada

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