Hydration is Key

We all know we need to drink more water. But for the most part, we don’t. Why?

Let’s just get in the habit to drink up. Fill a couple jars and leave by your desk, your bed, where you work out. If it is there, you will drink it.

The key to health? WATER.
I kid you not. Hydration is essential to keep your every cell vital. After all teh aduly human body is made up between 60-70% water.
Feeling a bit blue? Drink up.
Exhausted? Drink up.
Unfocused? Drink up.
You get the point.
Not only is staying hydrated essential to your physical well-being, it is all an essential component to your mental health as well. So hydrate your body + brain, plump your skin and curb your appetite with these easy tricks to make your water more exciting!

15 Recipes for Infused water

Add one of these recipe combinations for infused water to a pitcher, glass, or water bottle of filtered water, let sit and sip all day.

1) Cardamom, star anise and cinnamon sticks for a spicy winter drink—and a crazy appetite suppressant and blood sugar stabilizer.

2) Pomegranate seeds and a small amount of fresh pomegranate juice.

3) Lime slices, mint and maple syrup for a “Virgin Mojito.”

4) Cucumber slices for a gentle hint of flavour.

5) Lavender to calm yourself.

6) Orange or Clementine sliced and gently squeezed,

7) Frozen raspberries, blackberries or blueberries for a high antioxidant burst of flavour—a summer favourite.

8) Fresh mint leaves.

9) Spice it up with a slice of ginger, a crack of black pepper and a dash of turmeric.

10) Cilantro for the freshest and wettest water you can drink. A great daily detox.

11) A drop of peppermint extract to give you a fresh lift.

12) Cayenne pepper and lemon for hot and spicy lemonade to boost the metabolism.

13) Cinnamon and lemon for sweet and spicy lemonade.

14) Maple syrup, lime and cayenne pepper for a cleansing day.

15) Parsley to help you feel a little more grounded!

Check out these amazing smoothies and drinks to keep you hydrated and full of energy. Watch this quick video on how to make your own easy recipes with infused water.

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