Higher Level Eating

Spring Clean… It’s time to kick it up. You’re eating well, reaping the benefits, but are you getting as much possible goodness out of your eating habits? Amp up your nutrition and take every meal to the next level with these 10 simple tweaks.

  • Drink a Daily Green Juice

I know, I say this all day, every day. But it is truly the everything of my program because it is the foundation health. In fact EVERYONE, can find their healthy by committing to a daily green smoothie practice. I know you know this, but do you do it? So that’s the thing. I want you to make it part of your everyday. You can make it once and drink it for 2-3 days if stored in the refrigerator. I can’t express how much we need our greens. They are the least consumed ingredients in our diets, yet the most important. This is my go-to, tried-and-true recipe. It is a life changing dedication, and I don’t say this lightly. See for yourself as the benefits are the proof—more energy, weight loss, better sleep, clear eyes, less sugar cravings, radiant skin, disease prevention, stress relief and so much more from just one consistent week. If there is just one thing you can do for yourself and for your health—THIS RECIPE IS IT.

  • Make Your Own Salad Dressing

That way you’ll know exactly what’s in there! No chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavours or stabilizers needed! Adding a dressing made with an oil to your salad also helps you absorb more of the fat-soluble nutrients. Check out these healthy homemade salad dressing ideas to get you started.  Make one and eat it throughout the week.

  • Feature Vegetables

Forget the sides, start moving veggies front and centre! So often vegetables are thought of as side dishes, but we say make them the focus of your meal! Load up your plate with vegetables and add the extras from there. Look no further than veggie-centric recipes right here.

  • Mix Up the Method

Avoid microwaving and boiling, instead, opting for steaming, slow cooking, or pressure cooking. You’ll retain more nutrients. Or take it one step further, RAW, it’s easier and just as yummy. And now that we are moving into warmer climate, it will be so much easier to enjoy the crunch. Loving this Thai inspired raw YUM

  • Cook with Heat Stable Oils

Vegetable oils and extra virgin olive oil struggle to maintain their integrity when faced with high heat. When they become unstable, they produce volatile compounds that are dangerous to our health. Opt for more temperature stable oils including avocado, macadamia, coconut and almond oil. Keep the extra virgin olive oil, flax and walnut oil for cold dishes such as salads to get the most benefits.

  • Eat A Lighter Meal

You have heard this before, we eat too large at night and we don’t need the energy then. Rather having the heaviest meal at dinner, try eating medium at breakfast and lunch, and light at dinner. This will give your body more time to properly digest your food, and use up the energy those meals provide throughout the day. You will also notice how much better you sleep and how well rested you wake. Instead of digesting at night, your body is doing what is suppose to do—repairing, rejuvenation and resting.

  • Make It With Broth

I’m loving the wet sauté. Instead of using oil, switch to broth. Use twice as much broth as you would have oil and enjoy all of the nourishing benefits! Less fat, same taste with super easy to make collagen boosting bone broth. You could also buy one of the many chicken flavoured powders too.

  • Cut Carbs In Half

As you know, restricting your food intake to such that you can’t have any of certain food group, you are on a slippery downhill slope. You will only want more of them. Carbs are not the enemy. We need them for fuel. If you’re fond of having a pasta or rice dish, use less grain and add in more vegetables! Rice? Make half rice, half cauliflower rice. Pasta? Have half spelt or whole grain pasta, half zucchini noodles. The meal will be easier to digest, reducing the burden on your gut before bedtime! This is an easy starter dish. You will notice a huge change with this simple tweak.

  • Spice Things Up

Ginger, cinnamon, cayenne, turmeric, and chili pepper are all easy additions to your dish, bringing a delicious flavour, and a fat-burning boost to your metabolism! Sprinkle over roast vegetables and salads, add to curries, coat fish before baking, or roll peeled, boiled eggs in them. Loving this spiced up quinoa.

  • Scrub your vegetables

Don’t peel them. Scrubbing removes any loose dirt and debris, while still retaining all the nutrients and crazy fiber content found in and close to the skin of the vegetable. Sweet potato fries with skin on rocks

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