Why weighing yourself doesn’t help: Tips to Get off that Scale


Really, you still step on the scale and weigh yourself?

Have you ever noticed how easily affected your mood is upon that little number? So why are you on it in the first place. Your lifestyle should be preventing the weight from creeping on anyway. And if you have gained a bit of weight, you already feel it so why even bother confirming it with a number. You know what to do.

This ideal number that you have in your head is not going to make you any happier. I promise you. I have seen this time and time before. There is nothing magical about that number. You are so much more than a number. So stop chasing it. It’s all about how you feel.

If you are following the Nourished Way, a lifestyle that is committed to consistent healthy eating consisting of a whole food diet with little to no processed packaged foods, healthy fats and daily green juice, you are on track.

If your current eating plan has you in a daily battle you are not living. This is torture. Develop a lifestyle eating plan where you are not constantly worrying and focusing on your number. Check out the Nourished recipes.

Here’s your new scale:

—How you look in mirror

—How your clothes fit

—How you feel: confident, healthy, energized, happy

Focus on something more inspiring than the number. Focus on eating well and consistent exercise. Put that scale away and notice much happier and empowered you are in this mindset.