Weight Loss: Here’s the Essential hows

Trying to lose the last couple of pounds. Hell ya, they are stubborn. I think we have all been there. Start with evaluating what’s been working and what’s not.
Aside from the basics like cutting sugar and refined carbs—chips, white bread + pasta, baked goods, soft drinks, completely—these tried and true tips will help those pants fit a lil looser in no time. Seriously, follow these 7 small yet powerful weight loss tips. And give it a week.

1. Ditch the Cocktails:
I know, I am really really sorry. But if you want to lose those last stubborn pounds, stop drinking, PERIOD.
There are endless opportunities to imbibe, but alcohol’s empty calories are the killer. And they are usually consumed at night. And once consumed, they usually are accompanied by jaded judgement when it comes to eating habits. So abstaining completely can make all the difference. I know seems brutal, but try it for a couple of days and once you notice the difference you will want to continue—GUARANTEED.  You will also notice l how much clearer you feel.
Try drinking soda water or water with lemon from a martini glass. You still get the same effect, you know holding a drink in hand, but without the negatives that come with drinking.

2. Reevaluate your Portions.

I talk to clients all the time who say  they ‘really don’t eat that much.” What is too much? Do you fill your plate? Do you go for seconds? Do you eat until you are uncomfortably full? When you make conscious decisions about the foods you eat, it is important to also not evaluate portion sizes. The best way to do this is to take a fist full of your complex carbohydrates, a full fist of your lean proteins including beans and all the leafy greens and veggies as you like, Watch the sides and the sauces as they are usually laden with fatty and heavier ingredients. Eat slowly and put the fork down after each bite and wait at least 25 minutes before thinking about seconds. We usually just get so caught up in the moment and also our habits that we usually don’t need a second helping.

3. Keep Snacks Simple:
Reach for something rich in protein or fiber so you feel full longer. That means choosing fail-safe options like a small handful of nuts, edamame, berries, hummus and veggies, plain popcorn (8 grams of fiber per serving). Whatever you munch on between meals, pick 2-3 favourites and stick to them for the week. The more variety we have, the more likely we are to overeat.

4. Get Creative With Your Vegetables:
As you already know, they are filled with fiber and loaded with antioxidants. And if you are eating them, you are not eating something else like cookies. Aim for 2 cups 3 times a day. Jazz them up with hot sauce, tahini, turmeric, ginger. Throw them in smoothies, soups. Try spiralizing or cubing them.

5. Make a Plan:
You are mapping out your life non-stop. So why not make a plan for your meals? Planning is everything. When you don’t have anything lined up, you end up grabbing whatever is available. Take 5 minutes each morning to picture exactly what and when you are going to eat for your meals and your snacks. If you are going to be out, pack your purse with healthy stuff so you are not tempted by the endless array of on-the-go food stops.

6. Supercharge Your Workout:
Going through the same motions every day? You have for sure hit a plateau. Shock your system by completely changing up your workouts. Add a double session, up your general activity levels. You need to move. The more you sit the less you burn. Do quick sessions of squats, stretches, or push ups. These little things add up and help keep your end goal at top of your mind.

7: Up the water intake:

I know you know this, but are you drinking more water than usual? Drinking water hydrates your cells, helps flush unwanted toxins from your body and helps you loose those last couple of pounds. Drink a glass of water before meals to help you gauge your hunger. This usually leads to eating less.

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