Tis the Season, stay on track, here’s how:

Loads of late nights, over planning, trying to fit it all in, lots of booze, fatty foods, lengthy to-do’s, extra stress and party prep, the festive season is omnipresent. Make yourself THE priority and you will be the sparkle this season. Keep these simple tips top of mind and you will be top of your game this crazy time of year.


  • Mindful Eating. Tis the season to mindlessly graze. There is food everywhere. Nut and chip bowls filled high, cheese plates, hot appetizers are our societal norm. Pay attention to what you are eating at all times. Endless nibbling is one of the biggest culprits of packing on pounds. Avoid these foods and choose 1-2 foods you rarely eat. At the meal, eat slow, put the fork down between each bite and chew your food. Relax, enjoy and saviour each bite. When you are mindful, your brain sends signals to your body that you are satiated.


  • Focus on the Company and the Connections, not the food: It goes without saying, or does it? We put so much emphasis on the food, that we tend to eat so fast and over eat that we forget what we are celebrating. Food isn’t the only form of nourishment. Deep connections, meaningful conversations, time with family and friends all nourish us from within. When we nurture important relationships, our brains send out the same feel good chemicals—serotonin and endorphins—as it does when we eat chocolate. So soak up that time with loved ones. Turing to food for comfort you will only make you feel worse.


  • Don’t Overeat. With the combination of richer foods, it is very easy to overeat and all that comes with that—bloating, cramping, digestion issues. These are not issues that you need to live with. If you ever have this after a meal, you are either eating too much, too fast and mixing too many type of foods. Reevaluate what and how you eat. Follow the 80/20 rule. Eat until you are satisfied, never get to that uncomfortable, full feeling. Once you you start practicing this, you will never again overeat. I swear.


  • Fill half your plate with green vegetables. Salads, leafy greens sautéed, steamed, etc, are the number one missing food in our standard diet and yet the most important. We aren’t eating enough of them. Packed with calcium, protein, and all the essential minerals and nutrients, leafy greens help the body cope with sugar cravings, stress and sleep, build up immunity and manage weight. Instead packaged, convenience and processed foods are the mainstay of our diet. When our bodies are satiated with the nutrients we need, we don’t look to other foods— sugar, refined carbs—to fill the deficiency.


  • Denial just like diets don’t work longterm. Instead of loading up on all the classic rich holiday foods, choose the one holiday dish that you love. Take a small portion and enjoy it thoroughly. Denial only goes so far. After day 4 of holiday parties you will overindulge on whatever that food/s is/are that you have been wanting but not having. A little piece goes a long way. And after you savour each bite. Enjoy and do NOT feel guilty. Feel LOVE.