The Gal Pal Nourished Reboot

There is power in numbers. Get your girls together and pamper them to a fun evening chatting health, nutrition and how to’s. (You can give this as a gift or divvy up the costs.)

Isn’t it time to get off the should train … I mean how many times have you heard this, thought this, sat around with your besties and chatted about it?

  • “I should eat that way.”
  •  “I really should stop eating processed foods”
  • “I really should make me a priority.”
  • “I really should stop with the 4 pm coffee. But why am I just so damn tired all the time?”
  • “I should stop drinking diet coke. Ugh.”
  • “I know, I know kale’s really good for me, I should start eating it. But how, where to start”

And yes, guess what? You should. You absolutely really, truly should do all of these things.

Do this for you.

Nourished is here to help you accomplish every single one of them. And I’ve got a super fun way to do it. Let’s get you and your fav peeps together and rock this once and for all. Isn’t it time you start feeling your best?

As humans, we inherently tell ourselves preconceived stories, drench every possibility in self-doubt, and build these thick barriers that prevent us from getting even a glimpse of what it feels to look and feel our best. We blame things like time, resources, and self-will, and, meanwhile, we sit there snacking on protein bars,  salad drenched in processed salad dressing drinking diet coke and feeling like well, crap, and thinking I really REALLY should.

I will help you feel amazing. Let’s do something about those nagging shoulds. Let’s just do it.

You won’t believe how good it feels to feel your best self ever. Just you wait to see what else opens up when you unjunk your diet and healthy eating just is incorporated into who you are.

So I have made this really fun and super easy. Grab as many friends as you want.

I come, I cook, I talk, we chat, you learn about what works best for you. You will be refreshed, excited and inspired to live your healthiest self. The Nourished Reboot.

2 hours of healthy hands-on cooking, nutritional inspiration and fresh ideas delivered right to your kitchen. Replace those habits that don’t serve you once and for all and make 2016 your best year yet.

  • 2 people: $200/person = $400
  • 3-4: $150/person = $450/600
  • 5-8: $100/person x = $500-800

Contact me here and lets get this started.

And guess what if you need a little extra, I got your back here too. When you book with me, (the organizer) gets a 50-minute personal nutritional consultation for free (a $150 value).

Choose from 4 different workshops.

  • Get your green on: How to incorporate more of these necessary, immune boosting godly greens in your day
  • Superfood smoothies: Superfoods are nutrient dense powerhouses and your answer to glowing skin, radiant energy and weight loss. Learn how, why and when to make them.
  • Basics: Learn how to make the Nourished essentials and the foundation of Nourished.
  • Custom to what you are needing right now to eliminate those should nags.

This is a night in you and your gal pals will love. I’ll bring the know how, you grab your girls and a bottle of wine.

Contact me here and lets get this started ASAP.