Thanksgiving Eats: The Do’s and Don’ts

Thanksgiving Essentials

Nourish Yourself this fall holiday with this essential Thanksgiving Eats: 10 Do’s and Don’ts.

Guidelines to keep you grateful and guilt-free this Thanksgiving. Couch potato, you’re not.


1. Eat Slowly; Practice Mindful eating

2. Focus on the company, conversation and the meaning of the holiday

3. Eat before dinner: My green Go-Go juice and a salad will do perfectly

4. Bring a dish … My Pumpkin Hummus is the perfect protein-packed appetizer, or quinoa endive cups. Your hosts will be blown away. (Plus you know it’s healthy so you can eat it!)

5. Fill your plate with leafy greens.

6. Choose vegetables as much as possible and skip the peanuts, chips etc.

7. Pick healthy holiday faves like Turkey (hopefully free-range; if not organic), sweet potatoes and roasted vegetables.

8. Eat until you have had enough, but you are not full. It’s called the 80-20 rule.

9. Opt a hot water with lemon after dinner. This helps with digestion and helps flush all those toxins out.

10. Enjoy one small piece of your favourite dessert.  


1. Shove it all in rushing your every bite.

2. Not just the food.

3. Show up starving. You will, no doubt, over eat and end up eating all the wrong foods.

4. Go empty handed, duh. Not so sure this is a Nourished Rule, but it’s a good one and one that is universal.

5. Pile your plate with mountains of food.

6. Eat just cause it’s there. Munch on pre-dinner snacks like chips and cheese or little desserts lingering.

7. Over indulge in casseroles (usually loaded with hidden fats), stuffing and mashed potatoes smothered in gravy. I just get ill thinking of all that starchy food on one plate. Choose your favourite or take a sample of each.

8. Eat until you are so full you are sick. I can’t think of a worse feeling.

9. Continue to drink after a huge dinner. I know, way to ruin the party, but alcohol totally hinders with digestion.

10. Not a big slice of each, unless you just want to be rolled out.