Spring Awakening

After almost a month of being away, I was greeted by cherry blossoms when I returned from Vancouver. It was an immediate hit of spring. When we arrived at home to our city town home, I was shocked. I walked up my front stoop and I noticed vibrant green parsley leaves, and last years dormant Kale now springing up and thriving in the pots. The cool thing was that exactly 8 months ago I trimmed all my pots, weeded and pruned. I cleared the pots to give the soil more light and room to breathe … Now my city stoop container garden is thriving before I even planted for spring.

It makes you think about what’s crowding or holding you back from achieving your ultimate potential. Could it be the food you’re eating? Could it be the lack of a particular vitamin or mineral? Could it be the relationships that are crowding the sun from your life? Could it be your own limiting belief systems or values? It has been a long winter and with the refresh of Spring, make sure to take the time out and set your own intentions. What makes you thrive? Share with us here. Maybe it’s time to join my Vedge Pledge or work with me One-On-One.