Nourished Dining

Born out of the passion of living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Nourished Dining is a program dedicated to helping diners enjoy the modern dining experience while simultaneously indulging in healthy, delicious fare. No low fat, low carb, counting calories fad diets. If you follow me, you know by now, that I don’t believe in diets and deprivation. True health is found by eating a Nutrient-Dense, Whole Food diet. Diet in the sense of a long lasting lifestyle, not a way of eating for a period of time to achieve some type of result (weight loss). Let’s face it, diets in this sense don’t work in the long run, are not sustainable and set us up for failure.

Eating out can be a challenge, I know. That’s why Nourished Dining was created to make Dining Out as healthy and easy as possible.

Nourished has joined forces with participating city chefs to help ‘Nourish Up’ certain menu items. Just look for the Nourished Signature Kale Leaf. The Pink Kale leaf means:

  • Low sugar content, under 4 grams per serving.
  • Ancient grains like quiona, amaranth, millet and whole wheat flours are used instead of refined carbs and white flour.
  • Low in Dairy—small amounts of cow’s milk can be used but easier more digestable goat and nut milks are incorporated more.
  • Healthy fats such as coconut, hemp, grape seed, avocado and olive oils are preferred.
  • Nourished is vegetable centric, but not restricted to a vegetarian or vegan diet. Meats are free range and anti-biotic free. Of course the more veggies the better.
  • A major focus on super foods such as chia, quinoa, hemp seeds, coconut oil, wild fish and other foods with a maximum nutrient punch.

Participating Restaurants: Lots more to come.

Forage1300 Robson St. 604.661.1400

Sun Sol Belt Cookery: 550 Denman St.604.568.2235

Because Eating out and staying healthy can be done.

Know what you eat … Nourish Yourself Now.


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A sample of Nourished Up Forage breakfast and brunch items. As you can see no diet food here. @Catherine Roscoe Barr @lifedelicious