Morning Drinks Redefined

I like my coffee. For me it is a treat. I don’t drink it every morning, but have had times in my life where it was all I thought about if I didn’t have it. Seems like lately everyone is either trying to find the perfect cup of artisanal coffee or cutting back on their caffeine intake altogether. If you fall into the latter group, but know you will miss the warm, comforting ritual of sipping something warm in the am, before you fall back into your love/hate relationship with coffee, try these morning energy-boosting drinks. Give one a try with consistency, I bet you will be hooked.And do I dare say not even miss your morning joe.

Each easy recipe delivers an energy boost and lets you keep your morning me-time ritual.

  • Trendy turmeric has become one of my faves thanks to the ancient spice’s serious inflammation-reducing and antioxidant properties. While you can buy it in supplement or elixir form at pretty much any health store or juice bar, whip up your own tea with this simple soothing sipper.
  • Red rooibos tea offers more of a black tea flavor, and this vegan, vanilla-laced rooibos latte version adds a touch of sweetness.
  • It’s simple, it’s warming … and it is the healthiest and easiest way to set your day up. A Hot water with Lemon