Harness your Power: 6 Wow How Tips

  •  Set your intentions:  Make them healthy, positive and light. When you set intentions you consciously align yourself with your goals and back them up with the actions, thoughts and choices you make. Bring your intentions with you everywhere you go until you seep into them and they seep into you.

“I am guided by love, I share love, I am love.”

  • Morning moments: It’s empowering being up when half the world is still asleep—when the glimmer of the stars is fading into the morning light. Focus is more precise in the morning. The energy matches the earth abundant with infinite hope and possibilities. Set your alarm for an hour earlier than usual and use this time each morning to get a jump on your day.

“I’ll fuel my day the early morning energy with limitless drive.”

  • Maximize your time. What activities, work, and relationships do you need to focus your efforts on? Pour yourself into these places. This will mean getting help in other areas of your life and that’s okay cause that’s where Nourished comes in. It will be so insanely worth it in the long run. We’ve got the inspiration to fuel you so that you can be your best this year.

“I devote my time and energy to that which I do best, and trust others with the rest.”

  • Detox. Reform bad habits, let go of harmful relationships, and eliminate negative thoughts. They are toxic to your body and create crazy roadblocks on your path to your empowerment and self development. If there is something or someone in your life bringing you down, focus your energy on someone/thing else that will encourage you to be your authentically, most fabulous and fulfilled self.

“I eliminate sources of negativity in my life to focus on what makes me shine.”

  • Take responsibility for your thoughts and your actions. You are responsible for your work, for your decisions, and for the mindset you bring to any situation. What you think, you create, so be fully accountable for every thought you make. Ask for what you want with your thoughts, actions and words. This means you’re also fully accountable for all the greatness you will create as well.

“I have the power to manifest. What I think I create.”

  • Live with gratitude. Be thankful, appreciative and kind whenever possible and you will experience more strength, energy, clarity and success than you can even imagine. The next time you find yourself getting frustrated in traffic, catch yourself, and be thankful. There are miracles and magic everywhere. You just have to look for them.

“I am grateful for everything I have. Today is a gift.