Crush the Cravings

We try hard to resist them, but they sneak up on us like clockwork and they consume us, not relenting until their demands are met. Temptation is everywhere:

  • favourite coffee spot
  • gas stations
  • walking down the street
  • all over billboards

It is so easy to pick something up here, grab something there. It has become so normalized, it is counter culture not to just grab ‘a coffee and a muffin.

We’re not born loving fries and cookies. Our cravings start off as our bodies’ tool to signal to us the nutrients we are lacking. Our bodies are deficient in an essential something. However, after decades of eating processed foods our brains are trained now sending signals requesting these highly-addictive, toxic foods instead of the foods containing the minerals, vitamins, and macronutrients that we need to function optimally.

Constant consumption of foods that are high in calories from fat and sugar trigger a release of the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine, training our brains to crave more. This reaction boosts our addiction circuits and we need to eat them NOW. And if we are the slightest bit tired, stressed, anxious, sad (any of this sound familiar), we need them even more. Food companies have mastered this and even employee scientists to mix up the perfect, most synthetic combination of saturated fats and refined sugar (and loads of chemicals and preservatives and  fillers and other non-food items) to hit that pleasure spot in your brain to keep you wanting more. Yuck.

The result?

We have lost touch with what our bodies true needs and, instead, are constantly fighting hankerings for foods that are harmful to our beautiful beings.

All of this damage is reversible. And thanks to the amazingness of your body, it’s a whole lot simpler than you’d think. We crave whatever we eat more of. And the good news, it’s addictive. Seriously, the more you eat well, the more you want to eat well.

I’m not telling you to cut every indulgence out. Deprivation doesn’t work. Add in whole foods like fruits and vegetables that come packing a seriously complex web of body-loving nutrients, and you will slowly start to crowd out those cravings start to chemically-induced addictions.

By eating good-tasting, good-feeling foods that digest more slowly, you will help weaken the link your brain makes between particular food tastes and the hyper activation of addiction centers. This helps stop the craving before it hits and begins to reverse the process.

We know this transition seems so much harder than reality, but it’s not that hard, trust me. And when you see the results, you will be amazed at how much your body loves you. More energy; Mental clarity; wake up energized; radiant skin; clear eyes; weight control.

 Nourished is with you along every single step, twirl and skip of the way.