A Healthier Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner which means processed junk and candy everywhere. While there’s been a small push to encourage giving out healthier items—(last year I dressed up as the tooth fairy and gave out toothbrushes (my children were ‘mortified’)—the promotion and availability of junk food is irresistibly enticing and omnipresent. 

Never fear, Nourished has put together a few suggestions to help you get through this Halloween season and every other upcoming holiday for that matter, in good health. 

  • Be Prepared. You know the candy is coming, why not prepare some sweet clean alternatives that feel fun and tasty? Arm your sweet tooth with our cocao puffs, fudgey brownies, gluten-free banana bread, my famous chocolate clusters, or the one everyone LOVES my chocolate superfood smoothie. Freeze a big batch in advance to have something on hand when the urge strikes. If you’re pressed for time, these fast punches of sweetness always do the trick. 
  • Negotiate a Compromise. Tricks to keep kids from eating too much candy. Compromise and let their kids have a few pieces of candy (one piece a day for a week) and then remove the rest. Most kids forget about the extra candy, especially if you have some Nourished, see above, on hand.
  •  Support your gut. Whenever the junk food is flying, give your gut a little love with some extra digestive support. Add ginger to meals, include a probiotic to help your body process sugar and heavy foods.
  • Renew & Revisit Your Nutrition Habits . If you do end up eating a few more sweets than you’d like, don’t worry. Start fresh with every food decision.  Work with me one-on-one, get inspired with My Monthly Motivation or My A to B Foundation