“Working with Alyssa has changed my and my families lives for the better forever. I never knew what to feed my girls. She has given me the inspiration to make the lifestyle changes I need to get my family back on a healthy track. I never would have thought but I have both my little girls in the kitchen asking for the ‘yummy’ food we made together with Alyssa. And not only do they chug her green go-go juice everyday, but they ask for it. We have always been a vegetarian family and after Alyssa came in, I finally feel confident we are getting all the nutrients we need. Alyssa has transformed our lives and we are so lucky to have worked together.”


“The midwife at my OB practice said I was her star patient today because of my iron levels. Best iron she had seen in a postpartum mom. She asked me what I eat and I said green go go juice!!”


“Since working with Alyssa at Nourished, my whole perspective has changed. No longer am I exhausted when I wake up. I have a new sense of life. I am excited to start my day, and I have changed my eating habits and now have loads of energy. I now have fun with my family, not just manage and deal with them. They, in turn, are happier and my relationship with my husband has also changed. I feel alive and sexy again. It has been a whole domino effect for me and my family.”


“Since starting the 6-month program, my husband who is 46, is back to his college weight. Everyone, and I mean everyone, tells him how great he looks and how much younger he looks. Not like that is everything, but it sure feels good. He no longer has 2 chins, is loving his new “lightness,” and has never felt better. You can tell in his every action. He lost 20 pounds easily just by implementing subtle changes that Alyssa instilled in our lifestyle. We are in awe when we look back at pictures from just a year ago. The best part about NOURISHED and the 6-month program is that the lifestyle changes have become part of our life and not some temporary trend. We live them without even thinking about it.”


“I am always traveling for work, come home late many nights and was hardly present for my children. I was living in a constant state of guilt. Since committing to the NOURISHED 6-month program, I feel so much better about myself, my relationship with my children and husband. I have learned how to work smarter and eat healthier and now have the time and the energy to do what I love together with my family. I feel 20 years younger.”


“I am a 28 year-old hard working lawyer. I am early to rise and very late to bed. I ate the majority of my meals out if not at my desk. I was always feeling tired and in need of something— my sugar, 4 pm coffee, or after work cocktail fix. I started with Alyssa 4 months ago to try to clean up my act. She showed me how easy it was to actually take care of myself. She taught me quick easy energy rich and nutrient dense breakfast and lunch solutions. Now I make time to care for myself and cook at home and bring my food to the office. I no longer have my cravings for sugar and coffee. It has opened up a whole new outlet for me. I started going to Yoga after work instead of the bar. I havent had a relationship in 5 years and I recently met my boyfriend. We are doing yoga together, biking together and getting out for walks. I feel human and not just some working machine. Alyssa showed me life.”


“I started with Nourished thinking I would just replenish my physical depletion after having my third baby and return to my regular self. Instead I had a whole life change that started a whole life change for my family of five as well. And this change wasn’t painful like most changes in life. I started feeling energized and healthy physically which poured over into my emotional and spiritual life. Personal life dreams began to be accessible as I was happier and healthier. Small changes in your life can really reap tremendous rewards. Alyssa and Nourished always returns to you and what you want in your life. Then you take these simple tiny steps and in a matter of months your whole life has changed for the better. My husband and I look back and it is unfathomable to us how far we have come and how much better we feel on a daily basis and in such a short time.”


“I have had a chronic thyroid issue for years. I finally got the courage up to get some help. I signed up with Alyssa and her 6-month program. She taught me lifestyle changes like how to eat healthier and reduce the junk that I have been consuming for years which has caused my problem. I am now more physically active, feel so much better and havent had to take the awful meds I was prescribed. I feel like I have a new lease on life and am so grateful.”


“Alyssa saved my life. Sounds dramatic – but it’s true. With a sketchy family health history and a terrible relationship with food, I was slowly packing on pounds and losing sight of me. As we started planning our family, there was a sense of purpose to have a healthy, happy pregnancy and set the right foundation to ensure a positive trajectory. I now understand my challenges. They are personal, and run deep , but with the guidance and support of Alyssa I have become my priority and have never felt better – both before, during and post pregnancy. The best part is the opportunity to instil a healthy foundation for my daughter – I’m exceptionally grateful.”


“Just wanted to write and tell you I made your winter kale salad and the quinoa chicken strips and they were to die for!! I’m such a sucker for chicken strips and these were so fantastic and easy to make. Also, I really appreciate the simplicity of your recipes. Sometimes I look up recipes and the instructions seem so cumbersome but yours are so easy to follow!”