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Summer Plum Chia Pudding

OK, so what do you do with a crazy amount of organic little prune plums? Give them away, eat them, crisp them, grill them. I had about 15 left that had to be used. I cut them in half and threw them in a pot and stewed them for 20 minutes. A gorgeous fuscia purple sauce was the end look. The taste, sweet and succulent. The perfect topping on yogurt, granola, toast. The most flavourful nutrient bursting breakfast.


  • 4 tsp Ground chia
  • 10+ Over ripe plums


  • Half and pit plums. Add to pot and reduce until soft. Add a splash of water. Mix well until becomes a thick sauce. Take off stove and press through a strainer. (This step is optional). I like to leave some of the skin mixed in.
  • Mix in ground chia until evenly dispersed.
  • Save in glass container for about 2 weeks.