How Alyssa Can Help?

As an experienced media professional, Alyssa can provide nutritional tips, expert advice on the latest food trends and politics and produce current and informational content for wellness segments.

As part of the media herself, Alyssa can help other media professionals looking for an expert resource in the areas of: 


  • The role of nutrition plays for busy people balancing a career, kids, life
  • The food and mood connection
  • Healthy cooking and healthy entertaining tips 
  • The politics of our food choices 
  • Healthy cooking classes and demonstrations
  • Seasonal nutrition advice and expertise

More ways Alyssa can help the media: 


  • Provide articles, be a reliable source or offer other short items on the role of nutrition in balancing a career and personal life
  • Provide expert commentary, panel discussion and be an engaging interviewee on nutrition, nourishing cuisine and a healthy lifestyle

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