The A to B Foundation
Eat better. Sleep better. Feel Better
... by making small, yet daily lifestyle tweaks that are easily incorporated.
I know you're busy.
You keep everything around you running tight.  The kids, the job, the hobbies, the friends.

Your to-do list feels never ending and the calendar is FULL.

But you feel tired every day.  Your lack focus, inspiration and your mojo and zest for pretty much everything has just about dried up.

Vitality; Energy; Sex? What's that?

You feel like you are living on cruise control.

You spend nights tossing and turning, and are just as exhausted in the morning to do it all over again.

Your pants are too tight.
You don't love what you see in the mirror.

Food is boring, but even worse, you have no plan. Food is whatever you can shove in your mouth between errands and activities.

You are left deeply unsatisfied on so many fronts.
What if I told you that the answer to all these struggles lies within you?  That you could be moving through life with more joy, more confidence, more ease and a free-er spirit?
Losing those last stubborn pounds were that easy.

You knew you were eating the right foods that fuel your body (and your passions)

You were preventing chronic disease and build up in your body (no more brain fog, exhaustion, or anxiety).

You were living with enthusiasm, energy and excitement.

You were getting the best sleep.
All while eating amazing, delicious, colorful foods, moving your body, and feeling your absolute best.

This is exactly what happens in the A to B Foundation.
The A to B Foundation is a 4-week holistic health coaching program designed to help you build the habits necessary for long term lifestyle changes so you feel amazing and inspired to live your best life.
This is not a diet, hunger strike nor a restrictive meal plan.
This is a lifestyle.

How It Works
Begin Your Shift
When creating a habit the hardest part is often just starting. This plan is designed to help you start your wellness journey with a unique approach of self-direction and individualized support.
Boost Your Knowledge
Our A to B method will boost your knowledge on nutrition while discovering just how delicious healthy food is. You will learn to listen to your body, trust yourself, know what to eat and experience a new way of feeling – both in body and in mind.
Build Your Healthy Habits
It takes time to create a new behaviour, this plan runs for 4 weeks to ensure that the new healthy habits you are creating become consistent in your daily routine.
What our students are saying
I just wanted to let you know how good I feel. I have so much energy, my skin is bright and I’m craving vegetables. Have had your kale frittata on repeat and rose pasta is my favourite dinner. And can we talk about the chocolate superfood milkshakes. OMG so good and easy to make. All of it. My fridge is so organized, I just pull and prep. I feel so good since eating this way. And no morning is every without my Green smoothie. 
I have been loving the easy-to-cook recipes included in the program and they have become part of my routine. Which feels so good to finally know what to eat! It is so liberating not to scramble around anymore. I love the kale frittata which truly is on repeat in my house, the chocolate superfood shake that I swear tastes just like a milkshake and the creamy rose pasta. All of these you would never know are so healthy. I truly feel the best I have ever felt and can not recommend this program enough. The videos are fast, yet informative and very effective. My fridge is bursting with the food that makes me thrive. And I am addicted to your GoGo smoothie. I have it everyday. If I knew changing my habits could make me feel this good, I would have done this ages ago. Don’t wait, this is a life changing program.
Quick 5-7 minute videos that you can watch or easily listen to if you are on the go that shows you just how attainable healthy is. From the signature Green Smoothie to helping take command of your mindset, these inspirational videos be can played on repeat until each lesson becomes habit. 
The A to B Foundation
We know that the ability to master your nutrition, like what you see in the mirror, sleep without tossing and turning all night, and finally feel better is...well...priceless.
Welcome to Nourished
I became a certified holistic nutritionist because of my fascination with how food effects the body and how the body has the marvelous ability to heal and care for itself when fueled properly.

 Eating well isn’t just about eating for nutrition’s sake. It’s about fueling your life, your passions, and what’s important to you. For some it’s about losing weight, for others it’s about gaining energy, and yet at the end of the day we all share the desire to look and feel our best.

 I recognized the struggle people were having with diet after diet fails, constant deprivation or crazy fitness goals that weren’t producing results. So I developed A to B—a proprietary and proven method—that I developed over the last 15 years, designed to create healthy habits.

I am so excited for you to join me on this journey, as we create long-lasting changes that make wellness your lifestyle.

Alyssa Bauman
Nourished by Alyssa B.